Pinkberry Co-founder Young Lee Imprison

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NEVER say anything bad about Pinkberry in front of Young Lee. He’ll probably beat you with a tire iron.

The co-founder of frozen yogurt chain Pinkberry was sentenced Friday to a maximum seven years in prison for beating a panhandling homeless man with a tire iron.

Pinkberry Co-founder Imprisoned

A jury found Young Lee, 49, guilty in the June 2011 attack on Donald Bolding. Bolding flashed a tattoo of a stick-figure couple having sex to the people in Lee’s car, which included his fiancee. Lee drove away, then returned to the East Hollywood street with another man who’d been in the car. He then beat Bolding, who suffered a broken left forearm and several cuts to the head.,0,5339502.story#ixzz2vzySDU8s

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I wonder why Young Lee beat up that defenseless homeless man…
Maybe he said something bad about Pinkberry or frozen yogurt?


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