Which Countries Have the Most Gold Reserves?

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February 19, 2016

Below are charts showing the gold reserves by country as reported by the World Gold Council.

2016 Gold Reserves By Country

The Top Ten

gold reserves by country top ten March 6 2016

Which Countries Have the Most Gold Reserves?

According to the World Gold Council, China holds the fifth most gold of any nation.

The chart shows that the United States is the largest holder of gold in the world. In the last few years Russia and China have increased their gold reserves significantly. The chart shows China to have the sixth largest holdings of the yellow metal with 1,708 tonnes. Even after China updated their official gold holdings in July of 2015, and again inAugust of 2015, many suspect that China has far more gold than they have reported. Which Countries Have the Most Gold Reserves?

Click here for an explanation on where China’s gold might be.

chinese gold mining production 2000-2015

Chinese gold mining production is the largest in the world.

While Russia and China have been increasing their gold reserves, Western nations, like Cyprus have contemplated sales of their gold. Indeed, the European Union is consideringending a fifteen year restriction on central bank gold selling.

For monthly updates on Chinese and Russian gold reserves:

Chinese Gold Reserves (monthly archive)

Russian Gold Reserves (monthly archive)

Keep in mind that the gold reserves reported by the World Gold Council are probably subject to adjustment as many central banks are suspected of overstating (United States) or understating (China) their gold reserves. Some countries (Germany) may claim certain gold reserves but may not have physical possession of those reserves. In addition, it is also suspected that gold held by central banks may have been lent or rehypothicatedsuch that they may no longer either have the physical gold or only have a claim on it. Which Countries Have the Most Gold Reserves?

With the potential for currency wars between the Russia and the United States, Russia has been steadily building their gold reserves, while the United States tapered and ended their multi-year/multi-trillion dollar printing quantitative easing scheme and talked about raising interest rates.

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The Top Eleven – Twenty

gold reserves by country top 11-20 as of October 2015 chart

India’s gold reserves place it eleventh among nations.

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The Top Twenty One – Thirty

gold reserves by country top 21-30 as of October 2015 chart

Austria, which recently began to repatriate its gold has the 21st most gold of any nation.

Which Countries Have the Most Gold Reserves?

The Top Thirty One – Forty

gold reserves by country top 31-40 as of October 2015 chart

Greece has 112 tonnes of gold reserves and did not sell any during its financial crisis.

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Which Countries Have the Most Gold Reserves?

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2014 Gold Reserves By Country

Gold Reserves by Country- Top 20. Russia and China Have Increased Their Gold Reserves And Are Now In The Top Top 10.

Russia and China Have Increased Their Gold Reserves And Are Now In The Top 10.

2014 Gold Top Twenty Chart Courtesy of Nick Laird.

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