Wake Up Now Going Out Of Business: Master distributor Brandon Boyd &Top Earner Eric Turner Resign

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Ted Nuyten

As reported earlier about Wake Up Now (WUN) by Business For Home on May 2014, about WUN financial concerns,  in October 2014, CEO Kirby Cochran stepped down 29 January Wake Up Now was looking for a new investor and not paying out commissions, playing the payment processor, it seems the company is going out of business. The company denied earlier they were having commission payment problems however if you read WUN top earner Eric Turner statement, Business For Home was on spot. Ten thousands of distributors are left in the dust.


Wake Up Now is Going Out Of Business

Master Distributor Brandon Boyd stated on January 30: We have never had a better back office, better compensation, better shipping, better packages, and more focused management than we have right now. We are primed between Feb. and March to be stronger than ever before in a big way. I am extremely encouraged about our future and what is about to be released next week.

Brandon Boyd left the company: “As of today, after (5) years, I have made the decision to leave WUN. Its time to take my talents elsewhere.”

Top Earner Eric Turner AKA ” Seemore Green” stated on his facebook page: Over the past few years I have always reminded myself to not worry about the things that I cannot control. Whether that goes for my personal life or my business life, it is something that I constantly remind myself about. I consider myself a very easy going person, I don’t get too high or too low, and for the most part I just like to catch the wind and go where it takes me, metaphorically speaking of course.

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Were you a #WUN Representative?

One of the Laws of Success is Profiting from Adversity.

Major corporations such as Walmart and Best Buy will always remain.


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