Expand your Business Online… FOR $20!!

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Welcome to w00t!

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It is the start of Quarter Two of the 2014 Fiscal Year.

We have a new, LOW PRICE, introductory offer to show you!

For only this!


This is what you get.

  1. Your own GoDaddy domain name.
  2. FIVE YEAR of unlimited bandwidth hosting.
  3. YOUR OWN WordPress blog – unbranded – clean and fresh install for you to market with.
  4. w00t WordPress Blog Bootcamp – so you can learn how to use your new blog.
  5. Access to our w00t team room.


Let me explain each item.


1. Your own GoDaddy domain name.

w00t has an ‘UNLIMITED’ GoDaddy hosting account.

That means we can host and install as many WordPress blogs and domain names that we want! Currently we have 250 domain names (actually on the dot, 250) in our hosting account. Here is a screen shot for proof of the GoDaddy back office!



What happens when you join w00t is … we will buy you a domain name and install WordPress on it.

Then, you have your own UNBRANDED and COMPLETELY UNLOCKED WordPress blog. Which is DIFFERENT than the http://wordpress.org free blogs that are limited and you cannot install as many plugins and themes.

This is a COMPLETELY fresh, brand new website and WordPress blog for you to use for ANY BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY you are in.

We do not care what business you are in at w00t. We designed w00t to just HELP PEOPLE market better online and have a nice WordPress blog that is not branded with Nempower Metwork and does not have a crappy theme that you cannot customize.







2. FIVE YEAR of unlimited bandwidth hosting.

Let me explain why this is good.

Obviously your hosting is covered so that is good. You do not have to worry about paying a GoDaddy bill.

But, when you have 5 year or more for your hosting plans – it looks VERY GOOD on your Alexa.com and your overall SEO score. People that buy hosting one month at a time have lower SEO scores. Because search engines think the site is going away soon and they do not index them as much.

>> Which results in you getting less traffic\indexing\ranking.

w00t has purchased a FIVE YEAR unlimited hosting plan … to avoid that problem and give our hosted sites a bigger advantage.

Unlimited bandwidth just means you can transfer as many files as you want and have as many visitors and as much traffic that you can possibly feed it.

You can have 4 hour long videos on your site if you want.


Keep Calm




3. Your own WordPress blog.

Your blog is your store.

Without a website and a blog – good luck making money online.

You need to have a place to send people that is NOT A CAPTURE PAGE or a sales video page.

You need to have a store. You need to have a blog.

When you start to earn natural\organic traffic from your blog posts (that we teach you how to do) you give yourself a better chance, mathematically, to GET SALES! Everyone knows that without traffic – you do not get sales.



w00t will get you a website.

Host it for you for 5 years.

Install WordPress and teach you how to customize it to YOUR STYLE – not ours.






4. w00t Blog Boot Camp

Learn how to set up your blog.

w00t will not leave you hanging after we get your site done.

We will show you how to install (a recommended list) of plugins and widgets for your blog.

We will teach you how to register the site with Alexa.com and search engines.

Things that are important that you need to know … to start earning traffic\leads\sales.




5. Access to our w00t Team Room.

The w00t Masterminds Live Here.

Possibly the most value you will get.

Is being around the core group of people that we have in w00t Marketing.

We have some of the most brilliant minds on the internet these days – helping YOU out in the team room when you need it.

There are enough of us now in w00t where we can pretty much cover ANY need you have about marketing, SEO, websites, WordPress, traffic, sales pages, NLP, email marketing, sales funnels, blog posts, speed blogging, video sales, enter your marketing term here!

We have TALENT in w00t and are you will learn more just being around us in the team room than you will in most training programs.


We really believe that.

There is nothing better in marketing…

>> than being on a good team.


Sound like something you would be interested in?

If you want all that you see above – please click below and sign up.

We charge 20 dollars per month – Not bad, huh?





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