AMAZING TOOL! Promote Your Business EASY! FREE Leads and Traffic!

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What w00t Marketing Offers

Take a look and see if this would help you.


I am not in to big, flashy sales pages.

That you scroll down forever, on and on and on and on … with testimonials and all that stuff. That have like 95 BUY NOW buttons.
I am not in to that kind of stuff. But I am in to having a great product that actually helps people.

Lets get to it.



Here is what I offer my customers.

      • domain name and unlimited hosting for 1 year ($$$)
      • personalized brand development with the goal to sell anything online
      • custom graphic kits from our design team for your new brand ($$$)
      • professional wordpress themes (not free) to choose from ($$$)
      • high end wordpress plugins – digi list builder, epic squeeze page ($$$)
      • craigslist email harvester and fast mailer pro training course ($$$)
      • access to our private facebook training room
      • access to our team syndication and commenting system
      • access to ‘The Book of w00t‘ loaded with CURRENT marketing secrets (my fav)
      • tech support and overall marketing support
      • access to – (you don’t even know how good this is …)
      • 100 dollars per month residual income affiliate program

100 % commissions… NO PASS UPS EVER.





Look, the basic thing here is.

We are a group of people who market online.

We use our websites and blogs to try and get sales by climbing up the charts, facebook marketing groups and slowly building our brands. Eventually when you rank high enough on alexa and search engines, you can blog about any keyword you want and get good enough traffic to make a little bit of money online.

We each create our own brand with either our names or a new name. Then build the business up. One brick at a time. The proper way. Using search engines, SEO, wordpress blogs, keywords, tags and the easier technical things that most people just overlook.

Nothing crazy, some things you have never done before, but you will be taught well and coached well with our training system and support team.

We all are involved with other business opportunities. We do not specifically promote just one. So everyone is welcome. We all just want to help each other get some money online and make life a little easier.

I try to find the best methods, the best tools, the best NEW AGE marketing strategies and update ‘The Book of w00t‘ with the best top ten things you need to do per day. When running your at home online business. That I think will help you with long term success.


Before I ramble on too long.

100 % commissions, NO PASS UPS EVER.

Use the contact form to message me, or keep reading below to sign up.


I use PayPal for this opportunity, for a few reasons.

It is easy.

It is accepted almost everywhere, so more people from more countries can participate in what we are doing here.

If you do not have a PayPal account, CONTACT ME.

I have a simple method to get ANYONE a PayPal account and a bank account.

I also use PayPal because people LOVE instant payments.

I know I do.

It is also easy to setup residual income with PayPal and even easier to cancel.

Lots of business opportunities have a NO CANCEL BUTTON!

This way, you are protected.

You are also protected by the PayPal Verified system.

There is almost no better way to be protected online than using PayPal.


lets talk about actually signing up now.

100 % commissions,



I will make this simple.

200 dollars is the sign up fee.

      • 100 dollars – ONE TIME setup fee
      • 100 dollars – MONTHLY payment

No term, no other blind fees, cancel anytime. No pressure, no BS and no hard feelings. Use us for as long as you need us, cancel when you are ready to fly out of the nest and use what you learned on your own.

Try us out for a month, you will probably learn well worth 200 dollars.

You can keep your website when you leave and everything you have learned. No problem if you soak it all up in one month and then leave. But I can almost guarantee you will love our atmosphere and team mentality. You wont want to leave.

If you refer friends or other marketers, you get 100 dollars per month.

Residual income.

Instantly paid to your PayPal account.

Welcome to w00t Marketing!

w00t marketing

Here is our current offer.

** Now ONLY accepting GetResponse and Aweber for our rotators!! The price to get in w00t has also doubled, do to the laws of supply and demand! 200 to get in. 50 to w00t and 150 to sponsor. As the buttons below say. Thanks! Yes, our product is that good!

Lets keep it simple.

If you want in, pay below now.

After you pay, contact me at…

You will then be invited to our private group.


[$50 to w00t]

Click Below Now


[$150 to sponsor]

Click Below Now




If you want a SECOND SLOT on the rotator.
Which means, you will get DOUBLE the amount of leads.
You may sign up for that using this payment button below.


2ND Rotator Slot PAYMENT
[$100 to w00t]

Click Below Now




If you have any questions, please contact me at: !


Just remember, the main goal here is.


1000 Leads Per Month Per Person


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I Am Doing the Same - You Can Too:


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