Transformers: Playstation Optimus Prime vs SEGA Genesis Megatron

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Mary-Ann Russon

Fans of the original Transformers cartoons will be very excited to learn that Optimus Prime and Megatron are being reimagined as toys that transform into vintage Transformer gaming consoles  Playstation and SEGA Genesis.

Optimus Prime Playstation Transformer

According to Japanese website Radio Kaikan Press, to mark the 30th anniversary of the Transformers and PlayStation’s 20th anniversary this year, Sony Computer Entertainment and Takara Tomy have teamed up to release new toys of the iconic robots in their first generation forms (known as G1 to fans).

Although the new robot toys will only be released in Japan next year, they were on show at the UDX Summer Festival held in Akihabara last month. The Optimus Prime PlayStation Transformer is expected to be out next year in Japan.

Optimus Prime has been reimagined as the iconic PlayStation


30th Anniversarry of Optimus Prime

Autobot leader Optimus Prime will transform into the original 1994 PlayStation instead of a container truck, while ultimate villain Decepticon leader Megatron will transform into a 1988 SEGA Genesis Megadrive instead of a Walter P38 semi-automatic gun.「2014夏 ホビーメーカー合同商品展示会」開催! [Radio Kaikan]. To contact the author of this post, write to  (Twitter@Brian_Ashcraft)

Robots in disguise: Optimus Prime as the original 1994 PlayStation

30th Anniversary Optimus Prime toy display card

Optimus Prime toy that transforms into iconic PlayStation console

Megatron SEGA Genesis

Megatron as a 16-Bit SEGA Genesis Megadrive 1980s game console (Radio Kaikan Press). Megatron Megadrive in his robot mode, a slight modification on his usual all-grey SEGA Genesis G1 design (Radio Kaikan Press).  Megatron’s Megadrive 30th Anniversary display card (Radio Kaikan Press)

Evil villain Megatron is reimagined here as a SEGA Megadrive

Megatron Megadrive in his robot mode, a slight modification on his usual all-grey G1 design

Robots in disguise: Megatron as a 16-Bit SEGA Genesis Megadrive 1980s game console

Megatron's Megadrive 30th Anniversary display card
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