Tony Rush Hits $153,000 in 60 Days With Dubli And Shows His Back Office

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Ted Nuyten

Tony Rush is one of the real characters in the network marketing and personal development industries. He has been fulltime in network marketing since 1996, continues to actively build his organization today and has consistently been in the Top 10 income earners in his company. Tony Rush from Dothan, Alabama, USA was one of the Top Earners in Empower Network and he moved to Dubli.

Here is a video of TOny Rush discussing his reason to start his Dubli franchise:


Tony Rush Joins Dubli and Earns $153k in 60 Days

Tony opened his back offce showing his Dubli commissions in a You Tube video, while not many MLM companies allows to do so.… Tony Rush made $153,000 in less than 60 days. His commissions are for the far majority, if not all, recruitment based, something MLM criticasters do not like at all. At Business For Home we are not against big recruitment commissions, however the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), the USA consumer watchdog does, and has closed down for this reason Zhunrize a simular cash back program.

If a non compliant MLM opportunity with a USA office reaches a certain revenue level, $25 – $100 million, the company will appear on the FTC radar as we have seen in the past. Tony sign up 115 front lines and his team an other 661 members. Not disclosed is the revenue / commissions coming from the cash back program, however we estimated that would be in this stage zero as Dubli pays cashback with a 60 day delay.

Tony started Dubli with $2,475.

tony rush empower network dubi

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Tony Rush is a great person




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