The Solution to California’s Drought: NASA Clouds

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California is suffering through a major drought, and last year was the driest in state history. We know it’s another example of the kind of extreme weather we’ll see more of unless we solve global warming. As a result, we all need to conserve water today, advocate to protect our water in the future, and invest in Cloud Busting Technology.

NASA Clouds: California’s Drought Solution

Would you believe if we told you that scientists at NASA have devised a way of creating clouds? That man now has the capacity to cause rainfall? Watch this video for yourself to learn how NASA makes rain clouds!

In the wetlands of Mississippi, NASA has built a special place where they test their rocket engines. Something incredible happens whenever these engines are tested—they release a huge amount of water vapor into the atmosphere which becomes clouds that float over the city! So whenever it rains in Mississippi, it might just be the NASA clouds going about their business!


Do you think California should buy NASA Cloud Makers?

Our world is changing rapidly… but is it for the better?

Check out this technological innovation.


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