Sly Cooper is Going to Become a Movie

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Did you use to play Sly Cooper when you were younger? Since most movie producers nowadays don’t have the originality to create their own films, a director decided to use this video game in order to allow audiences all over the world to live vicariously through the words and actions of this sly raccoon.

Sly Cooper is a series of platform stealth video games for the Sony PlayStation 2PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. The series was developed by Sucker Punch Productions for the first three games, and then it was passed on to Sanzaru Games while Sucker Punch continued work on the Infamous series. The series was remastered into High Definition for the PlayStation 3 on one disc by the new developer, Sanzaru Games. Sanzaru released the fourth game in the series, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time on February 5, 2013. A CGI animated film based on the series is currently in development set for a theatrical release sometime in 2016.

Sly Cooper

The world of Sly Cooper is a version of the real world that is populated by anthropomorphic animals, with film noir and comic book motifs. The focus of the story is of Sly Cooper, a young adult raccoon and the latest descendant in a line of master thieves who pass down their expert techniques from generation to generation using the “Thievius Raccoonus,” a book which contains all the Cooper family’s secrets and tricks. While the Cooper family has accumulated a massive amount of wealth through their thieving ways, Sly places greater value on his friendship with his partners, Bentley, a turtle and Murray, a hippo, and his flirting and teasing relationship with Inspector Carmelita Fox.

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I never really played Sly Cooper, but I think the people who did would really like this new movie!