Elephants Escape from The Shrine Circus!

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Manuel Angeles

What would you do if you saw a group of elephants rampaging through a parking lot? I’m sure it members from PETA sabotaged the elephant cages to let the elephants free.

Shrine Circus Elephants Escape

What is the Shrine Circus

The Shrine Circus is a circus founded in the United States in 1906. It travels to roughly 120 cities per year in the United States and a separate unit travels to about 40 in Canada. It is affiliated with the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, a.k.a. Shriners

Do you think elephants should be held hostage and forced to perform for the benefit of our entertainment? I mean, if they’re getting 5-Star treatment and allowed 3-week vacations, why not?

Look at this picture below. That’s pretty rad!

shrine circus elephants escape perform


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I wish I had a pet elephant. Wouldn’t you?

Justen Bethay

Hey I’m part of PETA! People Eating Tasty Animals that is 🙂  I don’t think I’d want to cross paths with those elephants! Great post, thanks for sharing


elephant versus car, I’ll back the elephant lol

Elizabeth A Redd

I backing the cars…


oh no,,next thing you know they are gonna want to form a union…


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There’s definately a great deal to learn about this issue. I like all of the points you have made.|