’s Top 10 Luxury Toys of Summer

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JULY 01, 2015
Robb Report
Viju Mathew
Summer is synonymous with play. The longer, sun-drenched days draw us away from our desks and dreary routine like the bell for recess. Whether you answer its call with time in the water, treks to the mountains, or finding new fairways, the potential for fun is endless.
Toys’s Top 10 Luxury Toys of Summer

Carrying on our annual tradition of presenting the most outlandish and flat-out fantastic warm-weather toys (who could forget 2012’s self-propelled surfboard, the Jet Surf Factory GP 100 or last year’s amphibious SUV?), Robb Report presents 10 summer toys—including the electric GolfBoard designed by surf legend Laird Hamilton, the Quadrafoil that flies over the water, and a kayak that folds up in a pack—that will help you seize the season in style.

1. GolfBoard by Hamilton and Don Wildman

Thanks to the surfing superstar Laird Hamilton, you can take the board-riding lifestyle to the links with the innovative GolfBoard. Designed by Hamilton and Don Wildman, the founder of Bally Total Fitness, the electric-powered, four-wheeled board easily turns with the rider’s shifting body weight (as with surfing and snowboarding) and adds a dimension of balance to your overall game. Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and 15,000-watt electronics, the GolfBoard can glide along at speeds of up to 14 mph—whether climbing up a hill’s steep face or dropping into the fairway—while your clubs stay securely fixed in front. The $6,500 GolfBoard is currently available at 79 courses around the country, with more in the lineup. At this rate, conventional golf carts might not stand a chance. (

GolfBoard by Hamilton and Don Wildman GolfBoard by Hamilton and Don Wildman1 GolfBoard by Hamilton and Don Wildman 3


2. Ariel Nomad Dune Buggy

Kick your wanderlust into high gear with the Nomad dune buggy. Manufactured by Ariel, the same British motor company that unleashed the Atom—a bare-bones street racer—the nearly $50,000 Nomad is a 6-speed, 235 hp off-road warrior. Powered by a Honda 4-cylinder i-VTEC engine, the steel-framed buggy features molded polyethylene bodywork and a safety cage built from welded bronze to keep riders secure while blasting over bumps or drifting through the desert. The powder-coated chassis can be custom colored, as can the hood and engine covers, which can be upgraded to carbon fiber as an option. Personalized graphics can also be added to ensure that you leave a lasting impression at every turn. (

Ariel Nomad Dune Buggy Ariel Nomad Dune Buggy 1

3. Quadrofoil Hydrofoil Speedboat

Imagine skimming effortlessly over the water like the stones you used to skip at the beach or lake. Now you can with the Quadrofoil, the world’s first fully electric, hydrofoil-equipped personal watercraft. As the name implies, the Quadrofoil—designed by engineers in Slovenia—features four custom aluminum foils (each shaped like the letter c) that generate enough lift to raise the 220-pound composite hull above the surface of the water when a speed of 6 knots is reached. Once airborne, the reduction in drag allows the boat to reach speeds of up to 21 knots. Operating the 9-foot-long, two-person craft is equally effortless. Controls consist of a single touchscreen on the steering wheel that displays the craft’s battery power, remaining range, speed, and rate of energy consumption. With every turn, the electric outboard motor and foils alter direction simultaneously for fast and agile maneuvering. Perfect for eco-friendly exploration, the more than $25,500 Quadrofoil’s quiet motor and zero emissions make it welcome where other boats are banned, and the battery gives it a range of 54 nautical miles. (

Quadrofoil Hydrofoil Speedboat Quadrofoil Hydrofoil Speedboat 2 Quadrofoil Hydrofoil Speedboat 1


4. Rotwild GT S Mountain Bike Mercedes-AMG Collab

Wish you had an all-terrain vehicle that handled like the new Mercedes-AMG GT S coupé? Your dream has come true—sort of. Inspired by the high-performance sports car, the Rotwild GT S hardtail mountain bike is the result of a collaboration between Mercedes-AMG and the German bicycle engineers at Rotwild. Designed to dominate the single-track, the bike’s carbon-fiber composition dampens vibration while optimizing power transfer. The bike’s 29-inch, carbon-fiber wheels provide responsive acceleration and braking—qualities its namesake car is renowned for—while its Shimano XTR electronic shifting system assures precise pedaling. And the Formula AMG R1 Racing FCS disc brakes and Formula ThirtyThree factory front-fork suspension will keep you from taking a beating when off the beaten path. But don’t get left in the dust, only 100 of the $11,000 bikes have been released. (

Rotwild GT S Mountain Bike Mercedes-AMG Collab Rotwild GT S Mountain Bike Mercedes-AMG Collab 1 Rotwild GT S Mountain Bike Mercedes-AMG Collab 2


5. S1 Water Bike from Schiller Sports

6. Evolve Carbon Series 2 in 1 Electric Skateboard

7. Oru Folding Portable Kayak The Bay by Anton Willis

If owning a boat sounds burdensome, San Francisco–based Oru Kayak has just lightened the load. Company founder and designer Anton Willis has combined the ancient art forms of boatbuilding from the indigenous Inuit of the Arctic, and origami from Buddhist monks in Japan, to invent the Bay, a kayak that folds up for easy carrying and storage. Made from a seamless sheet of double-layered plastic, the 26-pound boat has a patented folding pattern that enables it to collapse into a 32-inch × 28-inch × 13-inch box. Almost as fast as the $1,275 boat when it cuts through the water is the setup time of only 5 minutes. Impressed? So was the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, which added one to its permanent collection. (

Oru Kayak The Bay by Anton Willis 1 Oru Kayak The Bay by Anton Willis Oru Folding Kayak The Bay by Anton Willis 1

8. Radfish Sand Bar Paddleboard

A refreshing workout on the water, stand-up paddleboarding provides a low-impact, full-body boot camp while being a blast to boot. The master shapers at Maine-based Tidal Roots understand that proper paddling technique is an art; so, to help, they handcraft boards that could hang in galleries. Each of their four models are made from northern white cedar and reflect the simplistic beauty of the sport. For a board that can go the distance, try the 12-foot Sand Bar. The longest in the Tidal Roots line, it features a 100-percent cedar top and bottom deck, a hollow core for reduced weight and better mobility, a strong internal truss system to enhance tracking and torsional rigidity, and a vent so that the $3,000 board can breathe.

When it comes to state-of-the-art stand-ups, Radfish paddleboards—made in Malibu—have the highest strength-to-weight ratio around. Made from a combination of carbon fiber and Kevlar, the $1,595 boards come in 8-, 9-, and 10-foot lengths, with the latter weighing only 19 pounds. Ideal for surfing, they can shred the waves without getting shredded. (;

Radfish Sand Bar Paddleboard 2 Radfish Sand Bar Paddleboard 1 Radfish Sand Bar Paddleboard

9. James de Wulf Outdoor Billiards Table

Right on cue for summer, Restoration Hardware commissioned Los Angeles–based artist James de Wulf to design and handcraft an outdoor billiards table cast completely from his favorite medium, concrete. The $14,995 table features a planed surface covered with a high-performance black felt top, pierced leather pockets, hammered metal sights, high-rebound rubber rails and cup rims, and a tabletop cover to shield it from the elements when not in use. Also included are a set of 16 standard balls, four 58-inch cue sticks, a bridge, and a wooden ball rack. The table, with its raw-edged concrete bases, comes fully assembled and weighs 1,400 pounds—adding gravitas to any game.

For those who prefer a faster pace of play, de Wulf gives table tennis the same treatment. The cast-concrete playing surface (mounted on two concrete bases) comes fully assembled and with all the trimmings—two paddles, six balls, a black net, clamps, and a cover. And unlike composite counterparts, the $8,995 table will never warp from weather. (

James de Wulf Outdoor Billiards Table 4 James de Wulf Outdoor Billiards Table 3 James de Wulf Outdoor Billiards Table 1 James de Wulf Outdoor Billiards Table

10. Leica Q Digital Camera

Channel your inner Ansel Adams and photograph all of this summer’s exciting moments like a pro with the new Leica Q. Fixed with a 28 mm lens, the $4,250 compact camera features a 24-megapixel, full-frame CMOS sensor; a 3.68-megapixel electronic viewfinder that displays multiple focal lengths; and the fastest autofocus of any in its class. Images can be stored as JPEG or raw files, and high-definition video is recorded in MP4 format. However, unlike the cumbersome cameras Adams had to tote, the 5-inch × 3-inch, 22-ounce Leica Q won’t get in your way or weigh you down. (

Leica Q Digital Camera 4 Leica Q Digital Camera 2 Leica Q Digital Camera 1 Leica Q Digital Camera

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