REC Solar Power in Santa Barbara

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Do you believe in solar power? Do you live in Santa Barbara?
Are you thinking of installing solar panels on your roof?
There are many choices for renewable sources of electricity…

Why should you choose REC Solar?

Who is REC Solar?

REC Solar is an installer of solar electric systems in the United States. The company is focused on providing products and services to support residential, commercial, government and utility scale photovoltaic (PV) installations.

REC solar logo sunrun

Started in 1997 by Judy Ledford and Fred Sisson in San Luis Obispo County, California, REC Solar has grown to serve California, Oregon, Hawaii, Arizona, Colorado and New Jersey through thirteen local offices. Its photovoltaic array installations are designed and installed by in-house engineers who are certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners.

REC solar power panel installation

REC Solar Partnered with SunRun

Sunrun Inc. is a United States-based provider of residential solar electricity, headquartered in San Francisco, California. The company operates in eleven states: ArizonaCaliforniaColoradoHawaii,MassachusettsMarylandNew JerseyNew YorkPennsylvaniaOregon, and Connecticut. Sunrun was co-founded in January 2007 by Nat Kreamer, Ed Fenster and Lynn Jurich. Fenster and Jurich met while atStanford Graduate School of Business and currently serve as the firm’s Co-CEO’s. The company uses a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) business model whereby homeowners pay for electricity usage but do not buysolar panels outright, reducing the initial capital outlay required by the homeowner. Along with a solar power purchase agreement, Sunrun also offers a solar lease program. Sunrun is responsible for installation, maintenance, monitoring and repairs.

REC Solar is Costco’s ONLY Solar Partner

Under the Costco solar program, REC Solar is responsible for the turnkey design, engineering, and installation of solar systems placed on 33 Costco warehouses, including Hawaii, California, Colorado, New Jersey and Puerto Rico. All roof equipment and racking was mounted with a proprietary standing seam clamp system which eliminated all roof penetrations and set screws typically associated with seam clamps. These systems utilized stainless steel, aluminum and PVC construction materials with UV shade plates over all PVC conduit to prevent degradation. REC Solar has continued to provide systems to Costco under this program since 2008.

REC solar power costco rool installation

I’m a consultant for REC Solar.
Contact me if you want more information.


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REC Solar is the best company in terms of happy customers and efficiency and overall service!


REC has been around for quite a while. They have been
working very hard to promote the use of solar energy but at the beginning they
didn`t get much attention due to less demand and awareness. Now they are one of
the best solar power companies out there. Like every other company they worked  their way up but faced hardships, proof that
one should never give up.