20 Unbelievable Pictures That We Swear Arent Photoshopped

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Brain Jet

Can you believe these pictures are actually photographs?
No photoshop or CGI. These photographers have true skill.


Hang Up

The base of this pole was burned off completely, but it’s still up thanks to some support from the wires. It’s been carrying those wires for all these years; it’s about time they supported it for a while.

not photoshopped photo.

Lighten Up

Now this definitely looks like someone manually reduced the color saturation on only the girl to make her appear in grayscale. Actually, though, she has clothing choice, makeup, and hair dye to thank for this surprising look.

not photoshopped christmas


Family Dinner

No, somebody did not Photoshop a bear into this family dinner; in fact, the bear is a part of this family. Brutus was adopted by the naturalist Casey Anderson as a newborn cub. Anderson even had Brutus be the best man at his wedding to the actress Missi Pyle!

not photoshopped bear


United Forces

It looks like someone used a mirroring effect on this soldier, but actually this is a snapshot of hundreds of soldiers marching together in perfect unison. It’s incredible how well-trained they are!

not photoshopped chinese army


Wavy Building

If you think that there’s no way this ripply building can be real, then you’re actually right. It’s a drape put up by a construction site to block their work. You can catch a glimpse of the site behind the drape at the very top of the image.

 not photoshopped wavy building


In The Zony

Yep, those stripey patches are real! This is a zebra and pony hybrid; known as a zony.

not photoshopped zebra pony


Into The Deep

This frightening looking watery vortex is indeed real! It is a man-made funnel that drains excess water during floods.

not photoshopped water vortex


Another Beautiful Day

None of the work of artist Philippe Ramette is ever Photoshopped, including this unbelievable scene. Ramette believes nothing in art should ever be faked, and for this shot he commissioned a small barge resembling a sideways balcony, fastened his feet to the wall, and held onto the wooden rail as the photos were taken.

not photoshopped water balcony


Floating Faucet

Known as the Magic Tap, this peculiar fountain has baffled visitors to Aqualand in Spain for years. How is it held up, and where is the water coming from?Both quandaries are explained by the transparent tube that is hidden by the deluge itself.

not photoshopped faucet


Something’s Fishy

Seeing as the average goldfish grows to about 10 inches, this man-sized beast is certainly something out of the ordinary. Raphael Biagini, pictured here, spent 6 years hunting this gigantic goldfish in southern France before actually managing to catch him.

not photoshopped goldfish


Sky Tornado

Imagine looking up and seeing that thing! No, it’s not a horizontal tornado in the sky (although it does look like one); it’s just an intimidating cloud.

not photoshopped tornado


Land Ho!

Don’t worry; this yacht did not run aground. Actually, this is the Sun Cruise Resort of South Korea, and it was designed on the cliff to resemble a yacht.

not photoshopped yacht


What The Puck

We all know hickey fights can get pretty out of hand, but these guys are really losing their heads over something! This player’s head wasn’t edited out, it just looks like it due to the camera snapping this shot while his helmet is mid-air.

not photoshopped hockey


Scuba Building

What exactly is going on here? This is the Radisson Blu Hotel in Berlin, which houses the world’s largest cylindrical aquarium. The 82-feet high AquaDom holds a million liters of salt water and a vibrant collection of tropical fish, along with allowing certified divers to explore the contents.

not photoshopped scuba


Cloud City

Is there another civilization living up in the clouds? No, this is actually the city of Dubai. The Arab city with some of the highest skyscrapers in the world experiences this cloudy effect at the tops of their buildings twice a year when a heavy fog descends.

not photoshopped dubai


Back On Track

Although they do seem perfectly parallel, these winding railroad tracks were obviously not intentional. After an earthquake hit New Zealand, it left the railroad tracks looking like this.

not photoshopped track


The Second Coming

Jesus said he’s be back, and here he is walking on water just like old times. Actually, this is just a very perfectly timed photo of a boy jumping into a pool.

not photoshopped pool


In Living Color

Here’s another use of makeup to create the appearance of a grayscale look. That is drag performer Detox posing alongside actress Candis Cayne in this unedited photo.

not photoshopped drag


The Face Of Nature

As hard as it may be to believe, this photograph is completely unedited. French artist Clement Briend is responsible for illuminating 3D faces onto trees with multiple large format projectors.

not photoshopped tree face


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