Organo Gold OG Mercedes Benz Club

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Drive a new luxury car by drinking coffee and sharing it with others!

On January 1, 2012, Organo Gold partnered with Mercedes Benz and added an additional way that all coffee franchisees of Organo Gold can be compensated as the build their business.  When you reach Ruby level or above status, Organo Gold Mercedes Benz Club will pay you an additional $400 to $1000 per month in a separate check that goes towards your car note of a brand new Mercedes Benz of your choice.  The only criteria is that is must be black.

OG Benz Club Qualification Breakdown

  • Sapphire Level – $400 per month towards a Benz
    A Sapphire coffee franchise is producing $14,000+ in revenue* per month
  • Ruby Level – $600 per month towards a Benz
    A Ruby’s coffee franchise is producing $40,000+ in revenue* per month
  • Emerald Level – $800 per month
    An Emerald’s coffee franchise is producing $80,000+ in revenue per month
  • Diamond Level – $1000 per month!
    A Diamond coffee franchise is producing $200,000+ in revenue* per month

Thousands of Organo Gold franchise owners are enjoying this benefit. The next time you see a black mercedes, check out the license plate.  Many customize them to show they are a part of Organo Gold.

*Revenue: The revenue mentioned above is not what YOU personally generate.  It’s what you and the team you build generate.  You qualify for the OG Mercedez Benz Club based on how much revenue your entire team is producing.  The bigger your team and the more active business builders you have on your team, the faster you will meet the minimums to get your very own new Mercedes Benz.

 organo gold mercedes benz club 90 day challenge

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I can’t wait to get to Sapphire level in Organo Gold.





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