Canada-based Aussie artist Elspeth McLean uses random ocean rocks she finds as her canvas. Using a technique she calls ‘dotillism’, she applies as many as six applications of acrylic paint to infuse the material with as much colour and detail as she can, turning the oft-unnoticed pieces into intricate and mesmerizing mandalas.

Australian artist paints ocean rocks with colourful dots to turn them into mandalas


Elspeth McLean’s Mandalas: Rocks & Colorful Dots

‘My artistic dream is that my artwork has a positive affect [sic] on people by connecting them with their inner child: their authentic self and to bring some extra vibrancy to their lives’, McLean explains. ‘I use colour as a way to express myself and celebrate the colours of my soul and spirit. I hope that my artwork can encourage others to do the same’. Head on over to her Etsy page to see if you can get yourself some Mandala Stones before they go out of stock – which always happens. Via Visual News