Drink Mirth Provisions Legal Marijuana Coffee Instead of Beer

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Ariel Schwartz

Marijuana edibles have long been a mainstay of the medical pot market. To some people, they seem dangerous, since it’s fairly easy to overdose and have a panic attack (or three). To others, they’re a legitimizing force, demonstrating that the medicinal power of cannabis can be tapped without inhaling smoke. Would you drink Mirth Provisions Legal Marijuana Coffee?

Mirth Provisions Legal Marijuana Coffee

Mirth Provisions, a Washington-based company that makes edible marijuana products, is now hoping to tap a new market: the beverage sector. The company’s “Legal” line of cannabis-infused beverages, now on sale in Washington (one of two states where marijuana is now legal to the public), cost $10 and each contain 10 mg of liquid cannabis, according to the Telegraph.

legal marijuana drink beer

Mirth Marijuana Coffee or Beer?

The Mirth Marijuana Provisions Legal Coffee  drink line flavors includes Sparkling Rainier Cherry, Sparkling Lemon Ginger, and Sparking Pomegranate. Coffee drinks, including a cold brew (cold-pressed coffee and cannabis extract), will be available soon.

According to Mirth’s website, each drink offers a different high. The Sparkling Pomegranate supposedly has “an uplifting, euphoric head high and a gentle body buzz,” while the Cold Brew provides a “powerful body buzz and a smooth, freeing head high.” This isn’t just marketing rhetoric; each drink is infused with a different strain of pot. Want to try a Mirth Provisions legal marijuana coffee? For the time being, they’re only available in Washington’s cannabis dispensaries. [Photos: Mirth Provisions]

legal marijuana drink beer enjoy beverage washington
legal marijuana drink beer enjoy

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