Microsoft Unveils the New Windows 10

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At its Windows event in San Francisco today, Microsoft announced the next release of its operating system. Known until now as codename Threshold, the successor to Windows 8 will officially be known as Windows 10:

Windows Microsoft 10 Unveiled

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) executives will soon take the stage as its special event in San Francisco to unveil the Windows 9 Technical Preview. The event “What’s next for Windows” kicks off at 10:00 AM Pacific Time or 1:00 PM Eastern. We will offer you the latest updates from the event. You can follow us on Twitter (@ValueWalk). Alternatively, Microsoft’s official Windows Twitter pageshould be providing the updates.

microsoft windows 10 new unveil

microsoft windows 10 demo mashable

Do you think Windows 10 will have an affect on Minecraft?

The world is developing at an exponential rate.

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I can’t wait for WIndows 10

Elizabeth A Redd

Thanks for sharing.


Oh my another windows to look forward to…didn’t really like Windows 8 I hope this one is better 🙂