Couple Takes Selfie and Almost Gets Hit By Lightning

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Mike Fenn

There’s a thunderstorm rolling in. But first, let me take a selfie. This might be what went through Luis Morales Fukutake’s mind during a recent trip to Mexico with his girlfriend, according to UK Metro. As the happy young couple posed for their selfie, the pristine tropical background was suddenly interrupted by a bolt of lightning, forcing them into the water.

Couple’s Selfie Almost Hit by Lightning

At least they didn’t have to use a flash.

Presumably, Fukutake and his girlfriend eventually did take their selfie, but chances are that the behind-the-scenes video will have many more views than anything they post toInstagram. Currently, the video has more than 150,000 views. H/T UK Metro |Screengrab via Luis Morales Fukutake/YouTube

couple lightning selfie rain blurry

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That’s scary


[…] This couple taking a selfie almost got struck by lightning! […]