Where to Watch the Leonids Meteor Showers

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November is the time of year to watch one of the most brilliant meteor showers of the year: the Leonid meteor shower, also known as the Leonids. The best time to see the Leonids this year will be Nov. 17 and 18 between the hours of midnight and dawn. During those hours, observers can expect to see about 15 meteors per hour, or about one every 4 minutes. The best way to see a meteor shower is to get far away from city lights where you can clearly see the stars.

To view the Leonids, astronomers suggest that viewers look at the part of the sky between the East horizon and the point right above to view the Leonids. Below is a map from AccuWeather indicating where in the US that the weather is expected to provide clear skies for the best viewing.

map of leonid 2014

leonid asteroids

leonid asteroids showers

leonid asteroids shower



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it was rainy and cloudy on Monday and we did not get to see the show…


Thanks for the share!