“Innocence” Bahamas Private Island for $55 Million Dollars

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Great Luxuries

The luxury real estate brokers ‘ Concierge Auctions ‘ makes this dream within reach and announces the auction of “Innocence “- the largest private island in the Bahamas . This island is one of the few islands with its own rare landing strip and a private airport code . This exceptional auction will take place at the Trump SoHo New York on May 15 . The starting bid is $ 55 million dollars. 

Innocence: Bahamas Largest Private Island

Innocence is one of the last unspoiled bastions in the magical Exuma chain of Bahamas islands and impress with a dreamlike landscape . It also features a stunning property , wide sandy beaches and 681 acres with native fruit trees and tropical plants. Great deal for $55 Million dollars.

The main property offers approximately 3,000 m² of space for six bedrooms and six bathrooms . It is located on the highest point of the island and enchanted with a sensational panoramic views over its own island. The separate bungalow features a own gym and meditation terrace for the perfect balance of body and soul. More Infos: www.innocence-island.com


Bahamas “Innocence” Island Can Be Yours

Candlelight dinner on the beach , relaxing massage and spa experiences, tropical water temperatures , beautiful sandy beaches and the maximum privacy. Have you not always wanted to own your own private island ?

Trees Bahamas

Living room Bahamas





Would you live have this as a getaway vacation spot?

What about these places?

To get to an island, you need a boat.

If not a boat, you can use a helicopter.

In order have these, you need to provide service and get money.



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