Illuminati Induction of Justin Bieber

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Rick James

Do you think Justin Bieber is a real racist? Or was he just an ignorant teenager? He may be involved with the Illuminati. Watch the video and see for yourself. What do you think?

 Illuminati Induction of Justin Bieber

The conspiracy theory about mind control and Hollywood is nothing new. I’ve reported on MK ULTRA, mind control, and Project MONARCH in the past, as have more mainstream sources like VICE, which had an entire post that talked about mind control in Hollywood, but seemed to take up a hypothesis that we don’t ever claim that men are victims of the conspiracy. The relevance this has with Justin Bieber is stated in one of the quotes lifted from said VICE article.” Read more from Illuminati Watcher

justin bieber illuminati nose pyramid triangle

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[…] Justin Bieber will be in space, saying racist jokes. […]


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Illuminati Induction of Justin Bieber | Worldwide Business Expansion


[…] Justin Bieber will be in space, saying racist jokes. […]


[…] Justin Bieber will be in space, saying racist jokes. […]


[…] Illuminati Induction of Justin Bieber […]

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