Get Paid with Organo Gold BrewKups

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Hubert Cecil Booth

Check out what the new chapter in Organo Gold holds in store for us. With the new BrewKups, I’m sure the people of the world will be able to experience the treasures of their planet.

NEW! Organo Gold BrewKups

BrewKups offer a single-serve, efficient, convenient and quality cup of freshly brewed coffee in under a minute. It’s the only way to serve brewed coffee that requires no grinding, no preparation, and most importantly, no wasted coffee. Designed to give consumers a single cup of coffee brewed to perfection, simply place your Organo Gold BrewKup TMinto a single-cup coffee machine and it will brew a perfect cup of hot coffee. It’s that easy!

organo gold bernie chua greg norman brewkups advertisement paint

Organo Gold BrewKups with Bernie Chua

Bernardo T. Chua is from the Philippines and has worked for years in multilevel marketing. He worked as an executive with Gano Excel first in the Philippines. After three years he helped expand Gano Excel to Hong Kong and Canada and then to the United States. Chua moved to California and became president of Gano Excel U.S.A. Gano Excel marketed products with ganoderma in them. These products included capsules, instant coffee and other food products… and the newest Organo Gold BrewKups

organo gold bernie chua greg norman brewkups

Are you an owner of the Organo Gold Franchise?

Coffee is the world’s 2nd most traded commodity.

Check out these drawings with spilled milk here.

Create an additional stream of income with it.


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