How to Make Money Without A Job

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New York Strike by McDonalds Workers

Today, fast food workers decided that they wanted to be paid more for their services while working at restaraunts such as Burger King, Wendys, Jack n The Box, and McDonalds. Instead of minimum wages, they wanted a pay increase to $15.00 per hour.

Read the FULL STORY HERE frpm USA Today.

Do you work at Mc Donalds? Do you like it? What if you were able to get paid MORE by staying home, or going on vacations, or taking your family out to eat?

If you were able to price your time, how much would ONE HOUR cost to be with you? Some people believe that their time is only worth MINIMUM WAGE. If you believe your are worth $9.00 an hour, then you will receive $9.00 an hour. However, if you start believing your time is worth $150.00 an hour, then you will find a way to get paid $150.00 an hour.

Would you rather work for someone else, and have them tell you when to wake up, when to eat, and when to sleep? Free yourself. Realize that you have the power to change your circumstances. Do what you wantwhen you want, with whom you wantwherever you want.

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I Am Doing the Same - You Can Too:


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[…] I thought they were rich enough to afford a camera. […]