Habits of the World’s Wealthiest People (Infographic)

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What do Oprah Winfrey and Warren Buffett have in common, in addition to their fairly sizable net worths? More than you might think.

An infographic developed by social-media marketing company NowSourcing details some of the qualities and traits shared by the rich (we’re talking those who earn more than $160,000 a year and have $3.2 million in assets). If you want to take a page out of Bill Gates’ playbook, wake up early, exercise, read more (definitely cut back on your reality TV intake) and write a daily to-do list.

For more tips and statistics, including a gender breakdown and where the world’s nearly 31.7 million millionaires call home, check out the infographic below.


Which of these habits do you have ?

How do your habits compare ?


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Tariq AlHosni

This is a Great Post !

Keith Everett

That is one mega interesting post. Thanks for sharing Manuel

Sandra Copeland

These are great habits !!~ thank you ♥♥☺☺


Awesome Post!