Can Facebook Really Change the World?

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From starting in a college dorm, to expanding to 1.23 billion users… You can now contact a complete stranger on the other side of the planet, and you can potentially even make them your best friend. After 10 years of connecting networks, what does Mark Zuckerberg see Facebook accomplishing in the next ten years?

Global Phenomenon: FACEBOOK

Facebook is an online social networking service. Its name comes from a colloquialism for the directorygiven to students at some American universities. Facebook was founded on 4 February 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg with his college roommates and fellow Harvard University students Eduardo SaverinAndrew McCollumDustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. The founders had initially limited the website’s membership to Harvard students, but later expanded it to colleges in the Boston area, the Ivy League, andStanford University. It gradually added support for students at various other universities before it opened to high-school students, and eventually to anyone aged 13 and over. Facebook now allows anyone who claims to be at least 13 years old to become a registered user of the website.


Co-founder, chairman and chief executive of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg is 29 years old and has a net worth of $19bn as of September 2013, according to Forbes. The business magazine placed Zuckerberg in 24th position in its annual world’s most powerful people list in 2013 – up one place on the previous year. In 2008, Zuckerberg aged just 23, was named the youngest ever self-made millionaire by Forbes.

Facebook logo

Mark Z. of Facebook is Worth 19 Billion

Born May 14, 1984, he is an American computer programmer and Internet entrepreneur. He is best known as one of five co-founders of the social networking website Facebook. As of April 2013, Zuckerberg is the chairman and chief executive of Facebook Inc. and in September 2013 his personal wealth was estimated to be US$19 billion.

Imagine being able to create something that was able to benefit so many people around the world. Facebook has impacted people of all ages, creeds, and color.

Now is that the that you change the world.
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In only 10 years, Mark Zuckerberg has become the world’s youngest billionaire, with a net worth of ver $19,000,000,000 !!!!


Thanks for the share