UC Santa Barbara’s Isla Vista Deltopia Riot

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Manuel Angeles

You have to fight… for your right… to party.

This is the school I attend. UC Santa Barbara is known for parties, but this riot during the “Deltopia” party simply tips the scale.
Can you believe this could happen in the  college town of Isla Vista?

What is Deltopia in Isla Vista

Floatopia occurs at the start of spring quarter “along the beach and in the water in the 6500 and 6600 blocks of Del Playa Drive.” In 2007, Floatopia attracted just over 300 students, in 2008 it grew to almost 1,000 people, and in 2009 it continued to grow to approximately 12,000. Floatopia 2009 was so popular amongst attendees that plans were made for a Floatopia 2 to occur in May. Furthermore, various college campuses made plans to imitate the event, such as Slotopia, which was planned at California Polytechnic State University. Floatopia also popped up as a major event in San Diego after alcohol was banned on the beaches in 2008. San Diego Floatopia, taking place in Mission Bay, had grown to attract over 10,000 in 2009. Although Floatopia attracts many party goers who enjoy the event, others point out the adverse environmental effects and legal consequences related to minors and alcohol consumption.

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