Decapre: Ultra Street Fighter IV New Character

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Decapre (ディカープリ, Dikāpuri) is a character in the Street Fighter series. Although her first appearance dates back to Street Fighter Alpha 3 during the introduction of the boss battle against her fellow Dolls members Juli and Juni, her official debut as a playable character only took place in Ultra Street Fighter IV.

Ultra Street Fighter IV: Decapre

Originally from Russia, her appearance resembles Cammy with a black mask. Her hair is blonde. In theUDON comics, her face is shown to be burned on the left side, although it is yet to be verified if she also has her face burned in her videogame incarnation. Like Vega, Decapre uses claws in hand-to-hand combat, except shorter and in both hands.

ultra street fighter IV decapre new characters

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