Controlled Pharming Ventures Grows Corn in Caves

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Manuel Angeles

Imagine having a miniature farm in your backyard that grew any fruit and vegetable you wanted… pineapples, mangoes, strawberries, tomatoes, kale, grapes. That’s what Controlled Pharming Ventures is endeavoring to do.

Controlled Pharming Ventures 

The scientists, in partnership with Controlled Pharming Ventures LLC of McCordsville, Ind., have designed and built a crop-growth facility inside a 60-acre former limestone mine in Marengo, a small town in southern Indian. Controlled- environment agriculture is a system in which all the inputs required for plant growth – light, temperature, carbon dioxide and humidity – are regulated to maximize growth.

controlled pharming ventures underground farm pharmaceutical pharmacy

Controlled Pharming Ventures: Corn in a Cave

Drug companies have hailed this new field of pharmaceutical crops, known as biopharming, as a low-cost alternative to traditional manufacturing.  Put tall, summery corn in a cool, dark cave — and Purdue researchers can still make it grow. In a study that they said was “ahead of its time,” researchers cultivated short stalks of corn by mixing the carbon dioxide-rich environment with a dwarf growing technique often used on grocery-store Christmas poinsettias and Easter lilies.

controlled pharming ventures underground farm

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What’s the best food you’ve eaten?

Would you eat corn grown in a cave?

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I like to eat clean…when I don’t I feel awful!!!


wow..this is really interesting…i have never heard of controlled pharming.


Controlled pharming…..very interesting.