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27 Struggles That Were All Too Real To ’90s Kids

4.2.2015 Brian Galindo Funny post…   1. Whenever you miscalculated your ratio of graham cracker to frosting when eating Dunkaroos, and were left with too many graham crackers and no frosting. Via Basically all you wanted was JUST the frosting. 2. Having this disaster happen when trying to put your straw into your Capri […]


Coca-Cola Surge vs Pepsi Mountain Dew

09.15.2014 Carly Ledbetter Coca-Cola Co. (KO)’s newest social-media campaign reaches back to a time when even MySpace didn’t exist. Check out this CNN video covering the news: Coca-Cola Surge Returns Everyone’s favorite ’90s soda is back and super fans are freaking out. Coca-Cola Surge, a popular ’90s soda that was essentially Coca-Cola’s take on Pepsi Mountain Dew, is for sale on, and is […]


Play Pokemon and Gameboy on Android

09.03.2014 Shane Gowland This quick tutorial will walk you through the necessary steps in what’s (hopefully) a non-confusing way. Downloading emulated versions of GameBoy games is considered illegal in many jurisdictions, so make sure you consult the piracy laws in your country before continuing. Step 1 – Install An Emulator Emulation refers to the ability […]