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The Top 10 Most Memorable Moments in Emmys History

Marie Claire HALLIE GOULD Aug 22, 2014 Cartwheels, laughter, and a little bit of twerking. 1. Lucille Ball, 1975 The iconic comdienne forgot to bring her glasses on stage with her to present the winner of an outstanding comedy series. She exclaimed that she was “really in trouble” as the crowd howled with laugher. Ultimately, […]


1910 Imaginary Predictions of The Year 2000

Crack Two Someone in 1910 drew out his imaginative predictions of the year 2000. Strange, but they were so wrong. See more at:


Hot Tub Time Machine 2: Into The Future

12.11.2014 Chris Eggertsen I never thought I’d write this sentence, but…”Hot Tub Time Machine 2″ actually looks like a lot of fun. Though we were treated to a NSFW red-band trailer back in July, the comedy sequel’s promotion machine is revving up once again with a new SFW (?) spot.¬†“Hot Tub Time Machine 2” hits […]