Blackfish: Should Whales Be Kept in Captivity?

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The documentary focuses on the captivity of Tilikum, a killer whale involved in the deaths of three individuals, and the consequences of keeping killer whales in captivity. The coverage of Tilikum includes his capture in 1983 off the coast of Iceland, purported harassment by fellow captive whales at Sealand of the Pacific, incidents that Cowperthwaite argues contributed to the whale’s aggression and includes testimonial from Lori Marino, Director of Science with Nonhuman Rights Project. Cowperthwaite also focuses on SeaWorld‘s claims that lifespans of whales in captivity are comparable to those in the wild, typically 30 years for males and 50 years for females, a claim the film argues is false.

Blackfish is a 2013 documentary film directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite. The film premiered at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival on January 19, 2013, and was picked up by Magnolia Picturesand CNN Films for wider release. Blackfish focuses on Tilikum, an orca held by SeaWorld, and the dangers of keeping the species in captivity.

How would you feel if you were kept in captivity?
Do you believe in holding animals in cages?

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It hurts me knowing that these whales are living in conditions that are far from natural. This movie did a great job exposing the truth about killer whales.