2. Share Your Content (w00t i7 Checklist)

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I am going to keep my training short and simple.
Easy to read and follow.
No filler.

There are seemingly infinite ways to share content these days.
Isn’t there?

Well, there is a certain process to make sure you do this right.
Yes, you can screw up your social syndication.
There are things you are doing that can possibly
Do more damage than good.

….I know, right?!?!

Here are some ways to PROPERLY share.


Sharing is SO important.

A lot of people do not understand.
You need to think outside of the box!
This is a VERY important lesson.

Lets review what you have learned so far.
In two blog posts and ten minutes.

And for free. More than what you pay for elsewhere.

  1. MULTIPLE ways to create fast, easy, viral content.
  2. The basics of social media site sharing and ping\pong strategy.

You now know that crappy ping sites that do not send a reply are bad for your alexa.com ranking. You learned many, easy ways to create blog posts that matter, that will get peoples eyes on your website and seeing your ads and your pop up. You will get leads to your email funnel using just these two strategies.

When you are done mastering these 7 steps.

You will be a MUCH better marketer.

I guarantee it.
For free.


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