The Top 20 Machine GIFs from “How Its Made”

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July 18, 2015
Viral Nova

Think there’s no joy in automation? Think again. The things you and I use every day were likely made in factories where robots and machines do a good deal of the work, spitting out products with astonishing speed. These machines create products so perfectly that it’s more than a pleasure to watch.

Don’t believe us? Just try not to stare at the gifs below for hours.

1. The machine that cores, peels, and slices apples.

What every home needs!

2. The hypnotic highlighter test.

This is why highlighters have such a short life span.

3. The exasperated robot.

We’re so glad someone invented this.

4. The paper airplane machine.

A pneumatic tube clearly has nothing on this.

5. The robots who believe in teamwork.

I feel like these guys should have their own show.

6. The pasta maker.

Are you hungry yet?

7. The really big pasta maker.

How about now?

8. The machine that proves how smart you are.

Look, if you can build this robot, you’re beyond Rubik’s cubes.

9. The robot that writes personalized messages for you.

Perfect for writing wedding thank-you cards.

10. The table every mahjongg enthusiast needs.

Okay, maybe this is kind of a niche market.

11. The waffle cone whirler.

Always whirling, whirling towards ice cream!

12. The happy slappy dough slicer.

That’s the official name, we swear.

13. The Pop-Tart folder.

If only we could see the frosting applicator.

14. The pretzel twister.

Words can’t describe how lovely this is.

15. The endless chain link machine.

Look at its cute little arms!

16. The machine that makes paperclips by smacking them.

Did you know paperclips were bonked around so much?

17. The spring squeezer.

Anything involving wire is really satisfying.

18. The top refiner.

Spinning tops are shaved into shape in this satisfying way.

19. The world’s best paper slicer.

How did you think they got the edges to be so perfect?

20. The pancake flipper.

Can this just be in my kitchen?

21. BONUS! Machines don’t just make things. They also totally destroy them.

This giant shredder probably shouldn’t even exist in real life.

(via Distractify, BuzzFeed, Cracked)

Now you know why shows like How It’s Made became so popular; these gifs are truly irresistible. Thankfully, you can now look at them anytime and breathe a deep sigh of satisfaction.


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